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PING is an American sports equipment manufacturing company based in Phoenix, Arizona. Ping was founded by Karsten Solheim, following a career as an engineer at the General Electric company. In 1959, he started making putters in his garage in Redwood City, California. In 1967, he resigned from his job at General Electric to develop the PING company.


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Former Employee - Project Manager says

"Opaque departmental management, rapid growth without proper vetting of candidates, unlimited PTO (meaning no PTO disbursement upon departure from company), high turnover"

Current Employee - Finance Manager says

"Where to start... I was recruited into this position based on culture. A culture that was turned out to be a toxic disaster. I have never been extremely unhappy in a work environment until I started working at Ping. There is absolutely no trust from management, unwritten rules to work on weekends, hard work goes unnoticed while a single mistake is endlessly persecuted. I know that the company's HR team has and is posting fake reviews to float their perception among job seekers. I don't know if this is common practice elsewhere."


"Management is failing to execute on a plan to take the company to the next level. Disappointing, as it could be an amazing place to work. Too much in fighting and politics makes it a very uneasy place to be. Clique mentality among the posse of people ops workerbees who run the office like a scene straight out of Mean Girls."

Engineer says

"Incompetent middle management in all departments is bringing the company to its knees"

Former Employee - Engineer says

"No communication about what people actually care about. People tend to disappear and you don't know if they quit, were fired, or died. It leaves people questioning their value to the company or if they are "next." There was a massive layoff in July. The entire process was very mismanaged and poorly communicated. Zero training or ramp up process to prepare people for success in their jobs. No certification process. An employee can be told they are doing well and meeting objectives, but without a measurable outcome during a ramp up process, there is no objective way to assess an individual's job readiness. Too much is left to subjective opinions from coworkers. In my instance, I worked with a group who thought I was an excellent asset for my first 8 months on the job. I was switched to another group who couldn't point out anything specific about my performance that was inadequate, but just didn't like working with me. My manager avoids conflict at all costs, didn't back me up, and I was told that my "internal brand" was damaged because these kids were made to feel that they didn't have to work to get along with everyone who works with them, even when they have no common ground. All of the effort to work cooperatively was one sided. I was offered a chance to find a new job. I had a pile of offers quickly, and learned that I wanted to work for a company that respects experience over a perfect happy hour attendance record. The kids are running the show. Youth is valued over experience. I don't consider myself old by any stretch of the imagination (nor do I look or act it), but my experience was very much devalued by the kids who have found themselves in positions beyond their experience. Their cliquish mentality is pervasive. With so many people coming from employee referrals, one bad perception spreads like wildfire among people who have extensive personal ties outside of work. Extremely inexperienced HR staff. It feels as if they are making things up as they go along. Agree with another reviewer who said there is somewhat of a cultish feeling there. Not a place for people with families and after work commitments to their children, as there are frequent impromptu company-sponsored happy hours. Failure to attend these is perceived as not fitting in with the culture. In reality, people who are no longer in their 20s might rather be with their kids and family than drinking on a Tuesday night on an hour's notice. Even more, an email sent at 3 PM stating that the gathering starts in an hour is impractical for people with responsibilities after 5 PM. If the intent is to be inclusive, the culture should consider all employees who work for the company and provide some kind of forewarning. Spontaneity is awesome, but impractical for grown ups. A lot of money wasted on ridiculous things. It's nice to have a fridge stocked with free coconut water, beer on tap, and kind bars, and million dollar kick off parties at the Broadmoor with a no expense spared attitude...but that kind of luxury should be reserved for profitable companies. These kinds of things are going away, though, as Ping grows up a little and now that the CFO is running the company. I'd rather have a good, stable job at a growing company where I am paid fairly for my work than company sponsored blow outs and free coconut water and beer. Extremely few women in technical roles. There is one very prominent woman in the CTO office, but about two in the rank and file positions (out of about 80). There is a one size fits all approach to what makes a good engineer at this company, and diversity is seriously lacking. The women at Ping generally work for HR and Marketing rather than in highly technical roles."


"Executive team don't have a clue what's going on, disgusting culture where management smile at you, shake your hand then plot your demise. This is not a good company to work for, don't buy in to the positive reviews. Stay away!!"

Former Employee - Associate Technical Writer says

"Culture is almost cultic, making this company a place where it's nearly impossible to provide critical feedback, and you're unwelcome if you do. Management has a habit of incentivizing employees with promises they leave undelivered. I moved 800 miles to the Denver headquarters for a position that did not need to be on-site, and which was ultimately made remote within months. I was subsequently terminated two weeks before having to undergo emergency surgeries for an illness I had acquired on the job. While this company promises to value you, it will dispose of you the instant you become inconvenient."

Former Employee - Senior Security Analyst says

"The culture went from decent to a foul smelling, rotting pile of uncertainty, apprehension and distrust of in a matter of a few months. Everyone is there to make themselves look better and long forgot what a team is supposed to be doing; all while looking over the shoulder hoping you don't get stabbed in the back. Most of the directors/VPs are there by way of nepotism and clique-y behavior not on any actual merits or being qualified for their roles. The corporate security team experienced a massive turnover due to this incompetent leadership."

Assembly Line Operative (Former Employee) says

"Genuinely the worst place I have ever worked for, due especially to the poor management, they do not follow health and safety protocol, their site is filthy, their staff are poorly treated and penalized for so much as talking to a person next to them. Imagine being a robot arm in a really low quality assembly line, that robot arm will be treated better than youNoneToo many to list"

Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"Words cannot describe how badly I was treated in the end I started with best intentions and enjoyed my first 2 1/2 years as I grew my area slowly and steadily Then unfortunately my Boss decided to accuse me of something I didn’t do - my honesty and faith I put in him was wasted and cost me my job. You could not betray or let someone down in any bigger way. The whole process they then put me through was degrading and embarrassing - they did not want to listen . The company is run by a Bully and it unfortunately showed in the end that all managers are scared of him - just how he likes it . Dont go near this company unless you are prepared to stay quiet and accept this culture . A real shame as the product is very good i trusted him to support me and he turned it back on me and for some reason used it to make himself look better to his Boss and forced me out if the company. This I found out has happen to many past employees some of whom have successful taken the MD to court and won - although they keep that quiet My advice steer clear.They make great productsToo long to mention"

Ex worker (Former Employee) says

"Place is full of bullies! Supervisors and management back the bullies all the way! A lot of favouritism!! For ping employees over agency staff! Very corruptNonFull of bullies!"

Factory Operative (Former Employee) says

"If you can handle being talked to like your 5 years old and was just born yesterday. Then this is the place for you. Stay away if you have any kind of mind of your own as you will be looked at as a trouble maker. A few members of staff will tell stories about you to the supervisor's if they don't like you or say something they don't like. It is a power thing, That ping lets them get away with. I have seen a few people get finished because of such behaviour. Could be a great place to work, If it wasn't for poor management of the factory floor. And all the snitches, Snitching because it gives them power. Money is alright "IF" you are lucky enough to be taken on full time.... After 2 YEARS of agency work. Pro's.... Struggling here Con's.... Too many to list"

Assembly (Former Employee) says

"This is a good starter job or just a job to get you by for a while but overall experience was good first couple months. everyone’s constant negativity sucked the life out of me at this job feeling stressed just coming in. Higher ups ignoring glaring Problems within the work force. Good job to get you by terrible place to stay long term Company meetings, long breaks.Coworkers, rarely any benefits"

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Amazing benefits- 2 bonus a year, private health care, private pension, good salary. It could be an amazing place to work but it has gone downhill massively. The wrong people are in management and supervisor roles, no support when needed and HR is a complete joke no empathy or support at all. Lots of bullying and favouritism going on and nothing gets done about it when reported.Benefits, work colleaguesHr, no support"

Security Officer (Former Employee) says

"The company only cares about the bottom line and if you don't work in production, making products to sell, youre not important.DiscountsEverything else"

General Assembly / machine operator (Former Employee) says

"The job itself far as to work was very motivational influential and easy to do I love the job far as people very rude racist mean nasty and I faced daily discrimination"

Customer Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"The HR department leaves little to the imagination. Without one person in that department the company would be a success but unfortunately it will continue to fail"

Production Operative (Former Employee) says

"Great place to work but takes too long to be taken onto full time books and drop you without any notice. On site canteen is very good and subsidised to affordable prices."

Production Worker (Current Employee) says

"Great company to work with. Good leadership and benefits. The company helps you with many things that is happening around you and they work with you. The company is very great with their employees."

Roddy Finlay says

"I got individually fitted for 6 top of the range Ping i500 golf irons in September 2018. The total cost was £900 - £150 per iron. After just 4 weeks, multiple rust spots appeared on the faces of the clubs - something that should not happen until clubs have been used for many years.
I sent the clubs back to Ping.
I received no explanation or apology despite contacting them several times, and e mailiing the head office in the USA.
I have no idea if the problem will reappear...
What a shocking way to treat a customer!"

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